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113september 23 2023Beukfeest, Gryphus, Vierlingsbeek (NL)With Oceans Turn Red
112september 2 2023Tilburg Metalfest - Foxfarm Tilburg (NL)€ 25,-With For I Am King, Sisters of Suffocation, The Lucifer Principle and Nephylim
111december 10 2011Nederland 3 - Wateringen (NL)€ 5,-With Within This Plague and Playyard
110october 29 2011Metal Against Child Cancer, De Wieke, Deerlijk (BE)€ 6,-With Diary about my nightmares, Persistense, Thurisaz and others.
109september 17 2011Saturnus - Scheveningen (NL)€ 8,-No Battle, Just Metal, With A New Dawn and Ugly Sin
108september 2 2011DB - Utrecht (NL)€ 8,-With Torture Squad and Purest of Pain
107march 19 2011 De Bunker - Gemert (NL)€ 3,-With El Chupacabra
106january 14 2011Groene Engel - Oss (NL)€ 12,-With God Dethroned and El Chupacabra
105december 11 2010Fascinus - Sassenheim (NL)€ 5,-Gyga Metalfest part III with Herfst and Winter…
104december 10 2010Café Genesis - Gorinchem (NL)€ 4,-With El Chupacabra
103november 20 2010De Pit - Terneuzen (NL)€ 4,-With Requiem and Unfamia
102october 30 2010JJ Music House - Zoetermeer (NL)€ 3,-With El Chupacabra
101september 04 2010Occultfest by Black Poison
100august 21 2010Alte Zuckerfabrik - Rostock (DE)With Obituary, Sudden Havoc and Necromorph
99february 20 2010Aalter (BE)freeWizzfest, with Motorgasm, Nacoma, Wizzard (BE), and Fury UK (UK)
98October 16 2009De Wieke - Deerlijk (BE)€ 6,-Metal Against Child Cancer, with Izegrim - Gwyllion (BE) - Fireforce (BE) - Burial Ground (BE) - Locus Control (BE) (flyer)
97october 31 2009Jagersborg - Maasmechelen (BE)More info will follow
96october 23 2009Panddemonium - Antwerpen (BE)€ 5,-With Demolished (flyer)
95september 5 2009Musicon - Den HaagWith At Daggers Drawn and more
94july 4 2009De Pul - Uden€ 6,-CD RELEASE SEEDS OF RESURRECTION! With Demolished and Dead In Decadence (flyer)
93may 1 2009Café Smiley's - Brunssum€ 3,-With Seven Ends
92april 26 2009Lyon's Hall - Lyon (FR)€ 6,-With Endless Agony and Ashigaru
91april 25 2009Mars Attack - Angoulême (FR)€ 5,-With Endless Agony and Adrana
90april 24 2009Black Hawk - Tours (FR)€ 5,-With Endless Agony and Adrana
89april 23 2009La scene Bastille - Paris (FR)€ 12,-With Endless Agony and Blosius
88april 04 2009De Mads - Waalwijk (NL)€ 6,-With Persistense and The Limbs
87march 14 2009't Haske - Balk (NL)€ 10,-Pylger MetalFest 2009, with The Lucifer Principle and more
86march 7 2009JC De Poal - Overpelt (BE)€ 4,-One Brutal Night, with Demolished, Fractured Insanity and Legends Of Steel
85march 7 2009De Plock - Volkel (NL)€ 5,-With Fairy Tale (BE) and Persistense
84february 8 2009Azijnfabriek - Roermond (NL)€ 5,-Blast From The South, with Arkngthand, Mytholic, Carach Angren and more
83january 3 2009Groene Engel - Oss (NL)€ 12,50With Hail Of Bullets and Ayranoch
82december 20 2008Stationstraat - Tilburg (NL)€ 5,-With Fenris and Severe Outburst, organised by Metalzone Tilburg
81december 06 2008Xinix - Nieuwendijk (NL)€ 7,-With Fenris and Yaotzin
80november 29 2008Café Laat Maar - Den Bosch (NL)freeZuid Willemsvaart 253
79november 16 2008Fenix - Sittard (NL)€ 6,-Metal Fest Sittard, with The New Dominion and more
78october 11 2008CKB Underground - Bergen Op Zoom (NL)€ 5,-Alive festival, with Lucky Strike, Santola, Worst-El-Aars and Appendix (flyer)
77september 27 2008Gryphus - Vierlingsbeek (NL)€ 5,-"Beukfeest Pt.2" with The Lucifer Principle and The Limbs
76september 20 2008Groene Engel - Oss (NL)€ 12,-Battle Against Cancer with The Lucifer Principle, A New Dawn, Innerfire and more!
75july 8 2008Tolmin (Slovenia)€ 114,-METALCAMP, with Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel, and many more.
74may 31 2008Walhalla - Deventer (NL)freeBand Knock Out, with Face The Facts and Poor Decisions
73april 25 2008W2 - Den Bosch (NL)€ 3,-Boschkilde Festival
72april 11 2008DB - Utrecht (NL)With Spermfarts, Kort door de bocht and "het Gruntkoor"
71april 9 2008Acu - Utrecht (NL)With Torture Squad (Bra) and Cilice
70april 06 2008De Pul - Uden (NL)€ 10,-With Scenario II and Trail Of Tears (No)
69april 05 2008De Tavenu - Waalwijk (NL)€ 5,-Final bandbattle, with Daintree Ferry, Hellisphear and Backyard
68march 23 2008Bloos - Breda (NL)freeWith Downwash, Angel in a Box, Dark Intentions, The Fifth Alliance, Otis, Blame Coca Cola, The Darkest Red, Foyler.
67march 22 2008CPCR - Liège (BE)€ 8,-With Innerfire and The Lucifer Principle
66march 1 2008De Tavenu - Waalwijk (NL)More info t.b.a.
65february 29 2008De Kade - Zaandam (NL)€ 10,-Metallic Damnation, with Izegrim and The Lucifer Principle
64february 23 2008JC Mainframe - Goirle (NL)€ 3,-With Afterlife and Unas
63february 15 2008Musicon - Den Haag (NL)€ 3,-With Stir Up Hatred and Bloid
62february 10 2008Odeon - Veldhoven (NL)freeQualifying rounds Veldhovense Popprijs 2008
61february 09 2008Nederland 3 - Wateringen (NL)€ 7,-With Disordered Defacation, Antibiotica, Gottlieb and The Lucifer Principle
60january 25 2008OJC De Sjem - Malden (NL)Malden Metal Meeting, with Heaven Denies, Sephian, Panoptikon and Pharmacon
59january 18 2008The Cave - Amsterdam (NL)€ 5,-With Profane, Aestivation
58january 19 2008Staddijk - Nijmegen (NL)€ 6,-Dutch Metal Night III with Detonation and Autumnal Reaper
57december 15 2007Fenix - Sittard (NL)€ 15,-with After Forever
56november 24 2007Dynamo - Eindhoven (NL)€ 5,-with Afterlife
55november 18 2007Odeon - Veldhoven (NL)freewith Syndrome7
54october 14 2007Little Devil - Tilburg (NL)LocalHeroes Metal version (by Roxxity)
53october 6 2007Molfest - Heerhugowaard (NL)€ 7,50Molfest Brutal, with Sinister, Cypher and Hard To Kill
52september 22 2007Groene Engel - Oss (NL)€ 12,-Battle Against Cancer, with Autumn, Alter Ego X, Another Messiah, Casual Silence, Fuelblooded, Nymphea Aurora and Lost InSanity.
51june 29 2007De Pul - Uden (NL)€ 5,-CD Presentation Death's Dominion!!
50june 16 2007DB - Utrecht (NL)€ 5,-With Profane, Nuestros Derechos, Eadwulf and Grasmoajer
49may 25 2007Backstage - Nijmegen (NL)free
48april 20 2007Attak - Tilburg (NL)€ 5,-With Misanthropia and Forcefeed
47april 7 2007Home of Metal Front - Coevorden (NL)
46march 25 2007't Stuupke - Boekel (NL)Qualifying rounds festival Stoepslag
45march 23 2007Little Devil - Tilburg (NL)freeWith EadWulf and Stigma
44march 15 2007JC Todo - Best (NL)With Eadwulf and A Switch Below
43february 28 2007Groene Engel - Oss (NL)Groene Engel Jamsession
42february 24 2007De Bastille - Schoonhoven (NL)€ 12,-Bastille Metalfest with Born from Pain, Profane, Morning, Deviance, Alter Ego X and Engine Of Pain
41february 3 2007Music Temple - Roosendaal (NL)freeMetal Night
40december 23 2006De Dukdalf - Wieringerwerf (NL)€ 5,-"Allmost christmas festival", with Blindfolded, Zork, Mantikhoras and Above
39december 16 2006Nijmegen (NL)invitiationOnly on invitation
38december 8 2006Groene Engel - Oss (NL)€ 5,-Plug & Play evening, theme Metal, with Svidgard and Icaros
37november 25 2006Bonte Os - Baarle Hertog (BE)free"Bonte Rock Fiste"
36november 24 2006Café Marktzicht -Etten-Leur (NL)Festival Event #3, by Popel, with Celluloid Heroes, Silent Device and Overgrown.
35november 19 2006Café Extase, Tilburg (NL)Festival by Roxxity, with Senator, Daytona Super Six and Circle Of Silence
34november 5 2006Local FM 105.7FM / 92.9 FMInterview Dutch Radio Local Rock
33november 4 2006Huys van Breughel - Gorinchem (NL)€ 3,-Festival Rockslag with Stigma & Gas
32october 28 2006JC Crossroads - Kaatsheuvel (NL)€ 5,-With Syncardion and Discreator
31october 14 2006Ned. 3 - Wateringen (NL)€ 4,-Gig with Fuelblooded
30october 7 2006OJC 't Tref, Hilvarenbeek (NL)€ 5,-Festival Metal Against Cancer
29september 30 2006Café Extase - Tilburg (NL)€ 10,-Tilburg Headbangers Fest, with Foretold, Pentacle and others
28september 9 2006De Pul - Uden (NL)€ 2,50Villa 13.32, with Five Times Nothing, Filler and Speechless
27augustus 25 2006Heule (BE)€ 2,50Festival Tineke Rockt
26august 12 2006Den Asseldonk, Bergen (NL)freeFestival Summerfun 2006
25july 28 2006Celtic, Solingen (GER)With Dream Of Nebiros and Deadly Dark
24july 6 2006HPC - Den Haag (NL)freeWith Blo.Torch and Dream Of Nebiros
23june 8 2006Dorpshuis Wezep, OldenbroekfreeOpen stage
22june 5 2006CC Elckerlyc - Hilvarenbeek (NL)freeFestival Elastiek muziek
21june 4 2006Caf Stageback, Breda (NL)SYLS festival
20may 27 2006Fascinus, Sassenheim (NL)freeOpen stage
19may 13 2006De Haarhorst, Gorinchem (NL)€ 3,-Jongpop festival
18april 9 2006Stoepslag - Boekel (NL)€ 4,-Festival Stoepslag in 't Stuupke
17april 7 2006K'annet - Etten-Leur (NL)freeQualifying rounds festival Popelucht
16april 2 2006Mezz - Breda (NL)€ 3,-Qualifying rounds Breda Barst
15march 25 2006Stoepslag - Boekel (NL)€ 4,-Qualifying rounds festival Stoepslag
14march 19 2006013 - Tilburg (NL)€ 5,-Metal Matinee, with Ill Fame and Mythlorian
13march 10 2006Attak - Tilburg (NL)€ 3,-with Afterlife and This Future of Despair
12march 3 2006Little Devil - Tilburg (NL)freewith Misanthropia and Myrkvar
11february 18 2006't Tref - Hilvarenbeek (NL)freeQualifying rounds festival Elastiek Muziek
10february 12 2006De Schakel - Gilze (NL)Bandrally
9january 21 2006JC Crossroads - Kaatsheuvel (NL) Bandbattle
8january 12 2006013 - Tilburg (NL)€ 8,50Emergenza festival
7december 18 2005Groote Schouw - Tilburg (NL)free
6december 14 2005013, batcave - Tilburg (NL)free open stage
5november 19 2005Utopia - Drunen(NL)€ 3,-
4november 13 2005Extase - Tilburg (NL)
3july 1 2005Utopia - Drunen (NL)
2may 16 2005Enclave - Baarle-Nassau (NL)
1may 15 2005Enclave - Baarle-Nassau (NL)